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Hydraulic Brake Fluids

Hydraulic Brake Fluids

Premier/ Vikas Hydraulic Brake Fluids is a essential requirement of a modern car. Brake Fluid is a high performance non-petroleum Brake & clutch fluid, suitable for all Hydraulic braking system like disc, drum, ABS & clutches etc. It is Suitable for all rubber like Natural, SBR, EPDM, and Silicon etc.

Application : Brake Fluid can be used in can be used in all models and makes of  vehicles LMV, SUV & HMV and all heavy duty off road equipments.

Specification Followed :

  • IS DOT 3 type I Brake Fluid.
  • IS DOT 4 type II Brake Fluid.
  • IS DOT 5 type III Brake Fluid.

Packing : 100, 250, 500, 1000 ml in HDPE bottle. 25 & 210 Ltrs. in  HDPE Drum.


  • Quick response to pressure & pulses.
  • Low temperature stable, flowable upto-50ºC
  • Resistant to evaporation at high temperature.
  • Resistant to the oxidation at high temperature.
  • Quality does not deteriorate by moisture absorption.
  • Non-silicon, glycol ether/Poly glycols based product.
  • Possess maximum hydraulic efficiency & lubricity.
  • Comply international specification as per its specified standards.
  • Absorbs less moisture at slow rate to maintain high vapor lock / boiling point for longer time.
  • Compatible with all suitable Brake fluid based on glycol ether as it do not decompose.

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