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Carboxilate Radiator Coolant

Carboxilate Radiator Coolant

Premier/ Vikas Carboxilate Radiator Coolant -  is Extra Long Life Coolants is based on minimally depleting Carboxilate Technology. This technology provides superior protection to all components of the cooling system including those exotic materials like aluminum and magnesium found in the modern day engine. Unlike Traditional Coolants the need for regular topping up is not required as the components in the additive package are not chemically consumed as they perform their function of inhibiting corrosion. The inhibiters form a thin molecular coating over the metal parts and remain in the cooling system till the water or coolant is not leakeged or flushed out. Thus it provides lot of cost saving as top up of water is done every time. In general this (PELLCC ) has non-toxic properties making it readily biodegradable, addressing any environmental and occupational health & safety issues.

Application :
This coolant can be used in can be used in all models and makes of  vehicles LMV, SUV & HMV and all heavy duty off road equipments and all heavy duty water cooled Generators. This cannot be use at hilly areas there temperatures could fall below 2 degree celcius (as it is not Anti Freeze and cooling system could get chocked with icing of water in the system.)

Mixing Ratio : 15% Coolant with 85% water.

Change interval : 3 year or 500000 km for on road vehicles and 10000 Hr for off road equipments and generators.

Packing : 500 ml, 1Ltr,5 Ltr, 25 Ltr, 50 Ltr & 210 Ltrs. in HDPE Bottles/ Drum.

Specification Followed :

  • Modern Carboxilate technology.
  • Research Design and Standards Organisation ( RDSO )Indian Railways government of India. ALCO Diesel Locomotives as per Spec. No. MP – (Rev – 00).
  • We  also manufacturer engine coolant as per buyers specification and requirement


Following are major features for the above Premier Extra Long Life Coolant Concentrate Coolants :

  • Corrosion Inhibitors based on fully neutralized organic acids and azoles
  • Typically amber, orange or red in color
  • Designed for use in automotive, light duty and heavy duty diesel applications
  • Silicate free, avoids silicate gelation and related fallout issues
  • Amine, borate, nitrite and silicate free meeting the basic chemistry requirements of Asian OEM’s
  • Phosphate free, meeting some basic chemistry requirements of European and some North American OEM’s
  • Excellent high temperature aluminum protection
  • Can provide wet sleeve liner cavitation protection without the use of nitrite
  • Extended life in both light and heavy duty applications

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