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Antifreeze Coolant Concentrate

Antifreeze Coolant Concentrate

Most automotive engines are water-cooled to remove waste heat, although the water is actually antifreeze/water mixture and not plain water. The term Antifreeze Coolant Concentrate is widely used in the automotive industry, which covers its primary function of convective heat transfer for internal combustion engines. When used in an automotive context, corrosion inhibitors are added to help protect vehicles' radiators, which often contain a range of electrochemically incompatible metals (aluminum, cast iron, copper, brass, solder, et cetera). Water pump seal lubricant is also added.

Antifreeze Coolant Concentrate was developed to overcome the shortcomings of water as a heat transfer fluid. In some engines freeze plugs (engine block expansion plugs) are placed in areas of the engine block where coolant flows in order to protect the engine from freeze damage if the ambient temperature drops below the freezing point of the antifreeze/water mixture. These should not be confused with core plugs, whose purpose is to allow removal of sand used in the casting process of engine blocks (core plugs will be pushed out if the coolant freezes, though).

On the other hand, if the engine coolant gets too hot, it might boil while inside the engine, causing voids (pockets of steam), leading to localized hot spots and the catastrophic failure of the engine. If plain water were to be used as an engine coolant, it would promote galvanic corrosion. Proper engine coolant and a pressurized coolant system can help obviate the problems which make plain water incompatible with automotive engines. With proper antifreeze a wide temperature range can be tolerated by the engine coolant, such as −34oF (−37oC) to +265oF (129oC).

Premier / Vikas Anti Freeze Coolant Concentrated  can be used in all models and makes of  vehicles LMV, SUV & HMV for heat transfer it helps the engine to give optimum performance. It is a blend of latest and non toxic base material with high quality additive which gives it a very long  life and change interval is very low. This is a Phosphate, Borate & Amine free so does not precipitated with the hard water and also not affect the environment .

Mixing Ratio : 30% (PAFC) with 70% water as per capacity of radiator at places where temp does not go below 0 Degree and 50% ( PAFC ) with 50% water  where temp go below 0 Degree.

Change interval : 3 year or 400000 km.

Packing : 500 ml, 1Ltr,5 Ltr, 25 Ltr, 50 Ltr & 210 Ltrs. in HDPE Bottles/ Drum.

Specification Followed :

  • JISK 2234-94 Class 2 Type 2 ( Japanese specification) which is followed by most of the major O.E.M.s, as per
  • IS:5759 2006 Indian Standards, as per
  • ASDM Standards ASRTU 253:73:FEB:2009 ( American Standards )
  • We  also manufacturer engine coolant as per buyers specification and requirement.


Following are major features for all the above types of Anti Freeze Coolants :

  • Chemical stable & Low Viscosity.
  • Provides Longer Life to the metal parts & less changes.
  • Highly effective in heat transfer.
  • Low Freezing point & High Boiling point.
  • Keep the engine cool & prevent the over heating.
  • Improve the air conditioner output.
  • Less Scale formation & degrading.
  • Enhance fuel performance.
  • Anti Freeze Coolant (RTU)

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